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Primary Care Physician & Family Health Center

At Vitality Primary Care, we are committed to following a patient-first philosophy. Dr. Udita Apte and her team of qualified primary care doctors dedicate themselves to providing patients with the highest standard of personalized care. Our family health center is staffed by qualified doctors, including primary care physicians and general practitioners, providing routine medical services that your family needs to stay healthy year after year. Dr. Apte is proud to be a leading provider of preventative care services for families living near McKinney, TX, and the surrounding communities — continue reading for more information about Vitality Primary Care!

Physician taking vitals in a health center in Allen, TX

Your Local Family Care Clinic

As a Board Certified Family Medicine Doctor, Dr. Udita is a primary care doctor who strongly emphasizes the importance of preventative care. Patients and their families can also visit Vitality Primary Care anytime they are dealing with undiagnosed health concerns, and we provide chronic disease treatment for ongoing health conditions, as well. Each member of the family can find the professional care and treatment they need to stay healthy at our care clinic in McKinney, TX. We frequently register new patients from local communities such as Allen, Frisco, Lucas, Melissa, Plano, Prosper, Weston, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions


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Why is primary care important?

Primary care doctors are your first point of contact for any concerns you have regarding your health or overall wellness. By making routine visits to a primary care provider or general practitioner, you establish a thorough medical history, which is imperative for disease prevention. Physicians can simply do their job better when they have a deeper understanding of the patient and their body — in other words, primary care is personalized care.

What is an internal medicine doctor?

Internal medicine doctors are essentially primary care doctors who focus strictly on providing care to adults. They specialize in the practice of disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment — just like physicians who practice family medicine — but can only provide care to adult members of the family.

What is the difference between family medicine and internal medicine?

A physician who practices family medicine provides similar services to an internal medicine doctor, such as acute disease treatment, however, they are qualified to provide care for the entire family. In other words, an internal medicine doctor generally cannot provide care to children and infants, as they specialize in caring for the bodies of mature adults.

How often should you go to the doctor?

The answer to this question may vary depending on a variety of factors such as your age and medical history. But generally speaking, you should see a primary care doctor at least once a year if you don’t have any health conditions that require you to visit more frequently. Healthy children may require more than one visit per year because their immune systems are still developing, and you want to be able to catch any health concerns early, before they get worse.


Let Us Know if You Have Questions

Vitality Primary Care provides a broad range of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment services — including dermatology procedures and behavioral health management — to families in the communities surrounding our office in McKinney, TX, including (but not limited to) the following locations:

  • Allen
  • Frisco
  • Lucas
  • Weston
  • Melissa
  • Plano
  • Prosper
  • McKinney


So, let us know if you live in the area and your family needs a primary care doctor! Dr. Apte and her associates will gladly provide answers to any questions you have before registering with us.